Hate Crimes Book Review – Part 1

Specific hate crimes are usually tied to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, poverty, politics, sexual orientation, Anti-Semitism, environmental protection, and several other social conditions. The book touches on each of these issues and provides controversial and contradictory information so that the reader can have different points of view. Therefore, one can make their own decision and can start critically thinking about the various issues.

The author places importance on not only reasons for hate crimes but possible solutions such as expanding the current laws to include many types of hate crimes. In addition, the writer brings out the flip side of each argument by showing the opposing view point. For example, in the first chapter he stresses how serious hate crimes are in the world today. Then, in a later chapter he states these crimes may not be that serious and are over exaggerated. The writer explains that the Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR) was formed to collect data against hate crimes. However, many enforcement agencies don't use the UCR. This makes it extremely difficult to get true statistics on these crimes. The author in this book has to base his arguments on many different methods since there is a lack of statistics. The book Hate Crimes was brought together by combining different types of research such as newspapers, periodicals, other books, government documents, and publications of organizations.

One of the author's main debates is whether stricter laws should be enacted against hate crimes. By enforcing stricter laws against hate crimes, minority populations would be more protected. As a result, less people would be victimized. On the contrary, enforcing these laws would be unconstitutional because it goes against our freedom of speech. The author points out that people can have prejudice thoughts and speak their mind. That is part of our First Amendment. Thinking, believing, and even hating is not something government can punish. Yet, on the other hand, people may believe that the expression of hateful and prejudice ideas causes harm to others even if there is no criminal misconduct.

Stricter hate crime laws may actually increase prejudice rather than reduce it. This happens because a person won't change their bigoted ways after being convicted of a hate crime. Many times that person is now viewed as a hero or martyr among their peers. Now, others will follow suit and show hatred against other groups to increase their standing among their friends. So this vicious cycle continues and produces more hate crimes rather than eliminate them. More importantly, sending people to jail without reform doesn't create positive change. Jails are the most prejudice places in our society.

Another main contention is about the extent of hate crimes and violence against women. Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA) was passed in 1994 to protect women from violence. Since men are typically stronger, women are more vulnerable and needed this act to protect them. The author then showed that the VAWA Act was anti-male. Some women made false claims but were atomically believed. Many feminists tried to play on people's emotions and allege violence when in many instances it didn't occur. The worst injustice is that millions of dollars were given to VAWA to help provide free legal assistance to victims but accused men could not receive assistance. Our Constitution is based on innocence until proven guilty. Men did not receive this right.

E/I-Print Books Online – ‘Free’ Days – Far More Than Offering A Free Book


At the time there were no ‘verified purchase’ labels and no checks so lots of people were buying ads that gave them 2-3 reviews for $5 (just a few pounds sterling). This gave readers the impression that these books were well worth buying. The etablets devices had limited display features so the quality of the book formatting did not matter as much as it does today.

People had to download a sample to get a proper look at the book so in the case of a ‘free’ book, it was easier just downloading the whole thing than the possibility of virtually downloading it twice.

The e/iBook market has very much changed:

– In excess of 70,000 titles a month are being released every month making it far harder to get your book noticed.

– Readers are expecting a high standard of formatting. Each listing now has a specific link to complain about formatting

– Readers can get a preview of the book without downloading

– Major outlets have put restriction on sites that list free sites, so fewer books are being promoted at some of the more well-known ‘free’ listing sites and there is more competition for the places on offer

– Review policy seems to be very inconsistent with some major online outlets Some support staff are saying that authors cannot review other author’s books, others say their reviews are welcome.

Below are quite a few methods to promote your books on a ‘free’ day and reasons why you should, but you must first understand that for continued success, your book needs to optimised and readers need to be willing to pay for it.

You can get yourself lots of publicity but at the end of the day if readers do not like what you are offering or the book does not resonate with them then the book will not sell. To illustrate this, we have all come across books and films that have had huge marketing budgets but ended up a flop because the product just was not right.

So How Do You Get Noticed And Are ‘Free’ Days Still Worth It?

The best way to set up your Giveaway is through a websites that exist to enable this of which there is an increasing number online.

Whether ‘free’ days are still worth it depending to a certain extent upon what you intend to get out of them and what else you have done to promote them.

3 Main Reasons To Have A ‘Free’ Day

1. Increase your relevancy score (‘customers who bought… etc)

2. Gather reviews

3. Boost in short-term sales

The first two reasons are the most important. There is a train of thought that major online outlets would far rather you have 100 ‘free’ books downloaded where the readers all buy similar books as opposed to several thousand downloads where the readers have absolutely nothing in common.

Internal Review Request Link

This is the most basic promotion tactics that everybody should be doing but unfortunately lots of people are not and they are really missing out because of it. It will also seriously affect one of the reasons for your ‘free’ day.

You should always have a link at the back of your book with a link back to your listing requesting that the reader leaves an honest review. The most likely time people are going to leave a review is after they’ve just read your book. The link encourages them to leave a review and makes it as easy as possible for them.

Statistics for book downloads in the different categories:

In addition to the sheer number of downloads there are online ePublishing services that also give you a great relevance score i.e. high percentage of people who often download books like yours. This leads to you getting recommended in all sorts of ways by major online outlets, e.g. ‘Customers who bought… ‘. If these major online outlets spots a book that is getting lots of downloads from people with similar profiles (e.g. buying lots of similar books to yours) then they will promote heavily after your ‘free’ day promotion.

N.B: There is a service elsewhere which offers a minimum of 10,000 downloads and major online outlets did not seem to have any issues with it. However, people are now getting warning letters from major online outlets stating that this particular service is using questionable methods

Free/Low Cost ‘Free’ Day Promotion

Reviews/Reviews Swaps

When you have a ‘free’ day there are lots of websites, social media pages plus groups that may/will feature your book.

Lots of the social media pages and groups will also allow you to list your book inviting people to review as well as download or allow you to directly ask others to swap reviews.

Free Day Listing Sites

Although individually not as effective as they used to be, there are many sites that will feature your book on a ‘free’. However, they are starting to get a bit choosy with so many books coming out. Some of them have a guaranteed placement but for a small fee. There are lots of these sites to choose from so the cost will be more in terms of time than money.

Ads For Social Media

Although not always recommend using certain providers to purchase reviews, it can be helpful advertising your book on social media pages that the providers service offer. Some of these gigs will display your ad on pages that supposedly have many thousands of people. If you go down this route then it is suggested that you take note of their reviews and visit any page links they provide.

Social Media Ads

The main well known social media social allows you to create your own ads and display them for a fee. The better the response to your ads then the lower the relative cost. Therefore targeting relevant people makes your advertising far cheaper and far more effective. The major social media sites have their own targeting options based on its accumulated data. There can be reservations as to whether it is accurate, relevant and up-to-date. For example, it is not known if somebody who accidentally clicked on a site that was ‘liked’ by a friend five years ago would come up in this targeting.

A far more accurate method of targeting which only includes people who are actively taking part in relevant groups. Everybody on major social media sites has a User ID and with some have an Editor facility you can input User ID’s of people you know are interested in your type of book. Using the right tools you could have a list of 1000’s of people.

However, as with all books, getting them in front of the right people does not always mean that they are willing to download/buy them.

Giveaway Promotion

This can be a bit more expensive than the others depending upon what you want to give away. You can select a whole host of ways they can enter your Giveaway such ‘liking’ or ‘tweeting’ your book/giveaway. You can add in any option you want. At the end of the Giveaway you have all of the entrants e-mail addresses so you can contact them with details such as when your new book or a future books is coming out. You also have people actively promoting your book using social media.

There is a whole host of ways to get people to your selected platform. There are many sites whose sole purpose is to tell people of giveaways that are taking place. They readily accept submissions as the more people they can attract to their site the more money they can make through advertising or however else they monetise their site.

Some of the entrants will be freebie grabbers who will not be interested in your book but they are not costing you anymore for the prize and they are advertising for you. If you make your prize relevant to your book then you’re likely to get a more targeted list.

You could also again setup adds on social media in the same way that you did in the last section to attract people.


If you an have account with the main books promotional sites then there are lots of people you can contact enlightening them of the fact that a free e/iBook version is on offer You can be fairly confident that these people are interested in your book otherwise they would not have entered in the first place.

Press Releases

If you have lots of faith in your book then you could try an online press release. You may be under the impression that press releases are very expensive and difficult to do. You can actually get some press releases sent for free, and get them written very cheaply e.g. $25 (about £20).

Video Video Trailer

This may come across as far beyond your capabilities but many video trailers are just PowerPoint slides set to music. You can download royalty-free music for free or buy it very cheaply at sources, add it to your PowerPoint slides then record a slideshow using the PowerPoint software and even share online with sources such as SlideShare.

Contact Lists

This @rticle provides for the reader lots of ideas to promote your book on a ‘free’ day as well as at other times. For some of the sections mentioned above the Author has collected and compiled the data over a long period of time including lists of contact links to use when you are ready for having a ‘free’ day.

For ideas (and to share) please visit the author online who has spreadsheets available to help progress.

The Uncommon Leader – Book Review

By: Mike Murdock (2006)

ISBN 1-56394-154-6

Book Price: $15

Leadership Wisdom

Dr. Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. More than 14,000 audiences in 38 countries have attended his crusades and seminars. He is a noted author of over 120 books and is viewed weekly by thousands on his television program, “Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock.”

Unlocking our greatness

Mike Murdock gives 31 keys for unlocking our greatness as leaders. He covers such points as, the daily habit of self-talk (Ch. 3), never making important decisions alone (Ch. 5), mastering the art of exit (Ch. 18), identifying what we possess that others need (Ch. 21), sowing favor (Ch. 27), staying clear of fools (Ch. 30), and much more!

Leaders actively embrace change to fulfil their purpose

Mike Murdock does not hesitate to address key issues with a bold and precise message. Clear-cut and pointed statements leave no place for misunderstanding. Mike points to Godly wisdom as our source for development and success, stating, “The person of Jesus prepares you for eternity. The principles of Jesus prepare you for Earth.”

Mr. Murdock’s words inspire personal action. He addresses daily routines, communicating, “Significant leaders build their daily agenda around their Assignment. Their schedule and their plan is totally focused on the completion of their Assignment.” He provokes readers to become proactive towards their purpose (assignment).

Readers may be shocked by Murdock’s direct speech. His goal is to inject motivation for our destiny. He engages readers’ abruptly by declaring, “There is no Plan B for your life. There is only one plan… one Master Plan of the Creator who made you. Consider nothing else as an option.” He is evidently passionate about people’s potential.

Mike addresses pertinent leadership keys to provoke readers. He points out that a true leader is self-motivated, as, “If you are really going to produce significantly… you must learn the secret of motivating yourself… encouraging yourself… You can stay motivated… Stop holding self-pity parties. Nobody attends them anyway.”

Agitation gives motivation! Murdock quips, “Thousands will fail… because they are unwilling to make changes.”

Become an uncommon leader

Mike Murdock presents a powerful tool for equipping his readers to become uncommon leaders.

Book Review of "Find Another Checkout Lane, Honey"

I've watched the show, read the books, taken the workshops, bought the multiples of newspapers. I'm still not getting it. So far, I've spent money on papers that pile up, coupons that expire and gotten frustrated that it's not working for me. Who has five hundred friends that give you their inserts? Not me.

I know all the lingo and techniques so this was repetition for me. The one statement I completely related to was that young, clean cut male cashiers seemed to have the best checkout lines. In my case, it's servers at restaurants. When you read the rationale behind it, you will understand. She scopes out four lanes and observes the work habits of each personality then chooses which lane to get into. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose at restaurants.

Although I haven't mastered grocery couponing, I've always done well with clothing, cosmetics and other items. Credit cards can get you into a lot of trouble but if only used for the rewards and paid off immediately, they can be good.

For name brand cosmetics, I only buy during the gift with purchase promotions. The holiday sets can be found at the outlet stores if you are willing to wait six months. The week after Christmas, what's left of the clearance racks and shelves are affordable.

Since I've stopped working to be a full-time grandma, I've been exploring the low end cosmetics and have been pleasantly surprised. I've switched going to the theater for movie rentals and utilizing the local library.

Memberships work best for me because I always have something to do such as the zoo, etc. bringing food with me prevents hunger spending.

My latest entertainment is getting fragrance and cosmetic samples from department stores. Like the grocery store checker illustration, it depends on where you go and who's working. I currently have a good stash of carded fragrance samples and enough foundation samples to equal a bottle.

Now back to couponing. One tip suggested in the book was to start stockpiling. That is one technique I think I will try. Even without coupons, focusing on one item at a time, I would start seeing results. My budget for my entire adult life has always been fifty dollars a week for groceries and fifty dollars a week for gas. Fresh produce has always taken priority. We'll see what happens. I still think it's more just entertainment watching the shows and wishing it was you.

Saboteurs: By Tom Horn & Cris Putman – Book Review

This courageous book by Tom Horn & Cris Putnam is a groundbreaking work that goes into a deep investigation into the many secret societies, such as Skull & Bones, that are so prolific in our nation’s capital, the sewer of humanity. In this unnerving chronicle His focus is centered on the esoteric occult and their harrowing plot that holds an unbelievable secret they only want members to understand.

Deep State

Satanists and Masonic devotees are using a shadow government to battle Trump at every turn to slow down his agenda, marginalize any positive outcomes and manipulate our government through DC based secret societies in their insidious quest to set up a New World Order.


Tome Horn’s best work yet “Saboteurs” follows this quest that is on the great seal of America, points to a story told by John in the bigger than life book of revelation and the prophecies of Daniel that show this empire having a body of iron and feet of clay. These esoteric elites and their secret societies are conjuring up spells to bring about an order that the antichrist will rule. This sinister strongman will be called the grey champion and the power broker bankers and elite billionaires of Europe will back him at all costs.

Horn Investigates

Tom Horn shows the sinister plot to bring about deception that will be a great lie told at a time in the future that will advance their theory of a world government. They want their empire to have one world money, a one world religion, a one world dictator and a one world tax to support all of these sinister workings. This antichrist, who will be much like Hitler, will want all on the earth to have a mark on their body so they can buy and sell. In revelation it is called the mark of the beast.

Horn Shows

Horn says and I quote:

“This investigation addresses:

*The supernatural truth behind the Trump Derangement Syndrome

*How the federal bureaucracy is a tool of Deep State Occultists

*Shocking revelations about Satanism in the US Capitol from WikiLeaks

*What is in the Shadow Government two miles from the White House

*Obama, Alinsky, and a dedication to Lucifer

*Steve Bannon, the Fourth Turning, and The Grey Champion

*The Necronomicon and why ZENITH 2016 may have just been fulfilled

*Why Rabbis in Israel believe Donald Trump is paving way for Messiah

*Hidden truth about Pope Francis and Dr. Horn s next major prediction

*House of Cards, the Bohemian Grove, and the secret deal that was done

*Hilarion, witchcraft, the Babylon Working, and Spirit Cooking 2020

*And much more.”


For those that want to be in the know this investigative book “Saboteurs”gets to the bottom of the deep state and the great scheme they are trying to pull off. Horn gives his educated prediction on what he thinks will occur, who wins out, how it happens, why Trump will see what is coming, when these things will occur and his final conclusion on the swamp things.

I give this book a Five Star out of five rating for its timeliness, terrific insight, the focused reasoning on why this will soon be going down and why the world will be shocked on who the winner is. Absolutely a great piece of work!

The Quinoa Master Cookbook, A Book Review

You don't have to sell me on quinoa; my son first informed me of the advantages of the grain. By the way, many advocate that it is a seed and not a grain, but grains are seeds too.

Thanks to his information I discovered that our local university's agricultural research department is focusing on this grain. The use of this super-food is the fastest growing in the world. The university's agricultural officials believe that the local Palouse Hills with its nutrient rich, deep, loess soil is ideal for the product. Their research of over a thousand quinoa varieties additionally discovered that the Columbia Plateau of eastern Washington has an ideal micro-climate for the grain.

But I was personally interested in the product due to my numerous health problems including type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and massively high triglycerides, just to name a few. Since I've been using quinoa over the past three months, coupled with increased exercise, I've lost a total of twenty pounds. During that time my blood pressure has lowered, and my fasting glucose measurement has decreased from an average of 140 down to 90. In addition, I've been able to drop my insulin from forty-five down to twenty-eight units. Hopefully, at this rate I may be diabetes free within the year!

Consequently, I was happy to get this cookbook. There are several beneficial recipes with easy to understand instructions. One of my favorite recipes in the Entrees and Sides section is the Quinoa Coconut Cauliflower Curry.

The ingredients for that dish include 1 cup quinoa. 2 cups coconut milk, 1 teaspoon curry powder, 1 teaspoon grated ginger, one-half cup raisins, one-half cup chopped cashews, and 2 cups chopped cauliflower. For preparation it is recommended to mix the quinoa with the coconut milk, grated ginger, curry powder, and cauliflower. Place on medium heat in a covered pot. Add water if it appears dry. When quinoa absorbs liquid and becomes soft, turn off the heat, stir in the raisins and cashews, and add salt to taste.

The authors have divided this cookbook into the following sections: Introduction, Basic Tips when Cooking Quinoa, Breakfast, Salads, Entrees and Sides, and Desserts. One of my favorites from the Breakfast section is the Cranberry Orange Quinoa Muffins. A favorite from the Salads section is the Quinoa Tuna Salad with Grapes.

My only advice is to give the book to a copy editor and resubmit it for publication. There are a few grammatical errors, omitted words, and a couple of recipes have omitted steps, ie Stuffed Potatoes. But generally it is a very complete book of beneficial, tasty, and healthy quinoa recipes.

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule – True Crime Book Review

This book has ten true crime stories included. Kiss Me, Kill Me is the longest story with 128 pages and is about a young pregnant mother who gets killed in her home. The other stories "The Postman Only Killed Once", What's Love Got To Do With It? "," Old Flames Can Burn ", The Lonely Hearts Killer", The Captive Bride "," Bad Blind Date ", The Highway Accident", You Kill Me … Or I'll Kill You "and" Where Is Julie? "are shorter stories and average about 25 pages each. The common thread in each of these stories and probably why Ann Rule used them all for this crime file is they are all crimes against women and involved a certain element of trust by the victims for the killer.

Suffice to say all Ann Rule books are brilliant. Her ability to take you into the lives of the victim before they get murdered evokes an emotional response as you feel you already know these people by the time they get murdered.

I enjoy the true crime files but feel a little let down by the shorter stories as most of them seem to have the potential to be a full book on their own. Ann Rule has made the comment that she gets asked to write so many books about certain people and criminal acts and really does not have the time to write all of them. The true crime files is her way of writing about as many stories as she can. She mostly chooses stories which are close to her heart as in "Kiss Me, Kill Me" she is a personal friend of the victim's uncle.

I think the True Crime Files are perfect for readers who enjoy true crime stories but do not really like reading big books. In that way Ann Rule has made sure that all her types of readers are satisfied. For me any Ann Rule book is wonderful and I just wish she would write more books. I always wonder when I read a true crime story that I do not enjoy, if Ann Rule would have written it differently and made it a good book. I personally think so. . .

To sum up, I prefer full length stories but I still read the crime files as I will read anything written by Ann Rule.

This is my personal review on Kiss Me, Kill Me written by Ann Rule but I would suggest accessing the opinions of other readers of true crime stories before making an online purchase of a true crime book.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloading Free Textbooks Online

Many students download free textbooks as an alternative to college books that they need. But students should also know about certain advantages as well as disadvantages of downloading books online.

Of all the benefits of downloading books is their cost. You can just download free textbooks and save their money instead of spending them on bookstores. There are a lot of readily downloadable books you can find on the internet if you know the correct title, author, edition, or ISBN number of the book you are looking for.

Laptops, tablets, e-readers, and other gadgets where you store your files will serve as your own library. Instead of having a clutter of dusty and bulky books on your desk during exam week, all you need is your gadget and you are ready to go. Bringing several books all at once will not be a chore anymore when all you have to carry is your laptop.

Better readability is also a factor since most e-books can be zoomed in to make letters bigger and easier to read. You are also becoming more earth-friendly when you download free textbooks and go paperless – your books need no more paper or ink and you therefore help in making the world a greener place in your own little way.

However, digital books are not without flaws. While you can download free textbooks of different titles, it does not mean that you will be able to find everything on the net. You might have a difficult time finding electronic versions of books released fifteen or so years ago. There are still a ton of books which are waiting to be transformed digitally.

Also, there is a growing concern among e-readers regarding their eye health. Prolonged reading on a monitor causes eye strain. While other readers have the option to limit the time they read off their tablets, students have less choice but to stare on their screens for hours, reading their digital textbooks, most commonly during cramming hours of exams and papers. Some people also dislike the idea of e-books because they find it hard to concentrate reading off a device with which they can do a lot of things with (a lot of apps!).

Last but not the least, the ‘startup cost’ might be a little high. Unless you already own your own tablet or reader, you might find it expensive to buy a new one – particularly if you are a student who wants to stay frugal.

Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli: A Book Review

How much can happen to one boy in the space of a few years of his life? A lot, if you are the stuff that legends are made of. The legend is Jeffrey Lionel Magee, also known as Maniac Magee, in the book by the same name, by Jerry Spinelli.

He was born in an ordinary house, to ordinary parents. But when a trolley crashed into the river, killing them, Jeffrey’s life began to change. He was sent to live with his Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot, who lived together but shared nothing and never spoke to each other.

After eight years of this, one day Jeffrey started screaming during a school play. Then he left the auditorium, running, and he never stopped.

Thus began his life as a homeless child. He found himself in the black section of town, with a girl who hauled her entire library in a suitcase, back and forth to school. After he pleaded with her, Amanda finally lent him one book to read.

After that, the stories about him began. He was the only boy…ever…ever!…to not be afraid to enter Finsterwald’s back yard. If you lost your baseball or model airplane because it flew over the fence into his back yard, you didn’t dare go in there to retrieve it. Nobody would deliver papers there. Nobody would shovel that sidewalk, not even for a zillion dollars.

But Jeffrey Magee wasn’t afraid. He rescued Arnold when some high school kids were trying to throw him, screaming, over the fence into Finsterwald’s back yard. These things, plus his athletic feats, are what started people calling him “Maniac,” and the name stuck.

But he didn’t have a home. He jumped the fence at night to sleep with buffalos at the zoo. He snuck into Mrs. Pickwell’s house for dinner every now and then, and nobody thought anything was wrong, because they had so many kids to begin with, and usually a couple of friends over as well, that everyone figured he was just somebody else’s friend.

More than anything, though, this is a story of Maniac and the friends he makes, the fights he fights, and the challenges he faces. So much happens to him, there’s more stuff in here than an encyclopedia.

The chapters are short, and the way the people and events in his life weave together as the book goes on is interesting. Through it all, Maniac keeps running, running, running, looking for a place and people to go home to.

This has been a popular book with kids since it was published in 1990. Part of it is just that there is so much going on, and part of it is that Maniac and the things he does are so unusual. Kids can relate to his not feeling like he belongs anywhere, yet he keeps trying.

It’s a hard book to categorize. It’s not really about sports, although there is some baseball and running in it. It touches on racism, but that’s not the biggest part of the story, either. You’ll have to read Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli, yourself, to see what you think.

I Dare You! By William H Danforth – A Book Review

Title and Author: I Dare You! by William H. Danforth

Synopsis of Content:

In this mid 20th Century motivational classic the author, a successful businessman and crusader for youth programs in St. Louis, Missouri, William Danforth dares you and any other reader to do great things and to be great. Originally published in 1953 it has been republished by several sources in recent years.

Although the book is aimed at youth and young adults challenging them to become more than they might first believe possible it has motivational value for all ages. Danforth was a strong believer that we limit ourselves and that by seizing opportunity and believing in our virtually unlimited potential we could exceed all expectations, including our own, and dare to be great.

In addition to providing raw motivational material the book discusses seven primary areas, called “dares” where the author challenges the reader to go deeper and strive further in life. They include adventure, accomplishments, strength, creativity, magnetic personality, character, and the willingness to share what you have. These qualities will be recognized as common to most success books and materials published over the past two centuries. What distinguishes Danforth’s little book is his framing his challenge as a dare.

While the attributes which Danforth promotes are found in works by Marsden, Hill and others the daring approach used by this author is unique. It appealed to the young and youthful, whether it be the high school aged children who attended his summer camps or the young men entering the business world.

Readability/Writing Quality:

The Executive Books edition is only 144 pages. It is easy to read, having been aimed at young people. It may appear somewhat naïve and simplistic by today’s standards. However the motivational truths in this work are no less true today than they were over 60 years ago.

Notes on Author:

William Danforth was the founder and long time President of the Ralston Purina Company. He also served as President of the American Youth Foundation and was very active in the YMCA. During his summers he devoted his time to training and helping less fortunate young people at summer camps in Michigan and elsewhere. He died in 1956.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. “Wealth, notoriety, place, and power are no measure of success whatever. The only true measure of success is the ration between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the thing we have made and the thing we have mad of ourselves on the other”.

2. Each of us has four hidden giants or resources which we must develop constantly to attain greatness. These include the physical, the mental, the social and the spiritual aspects. To attain a balanced and powerful life you must nourish each of these aspects fully.

3. Continuous learning and improvement are essential to achievement. The author recommends a program of reading not less than one book per month. It will pay you back many times.

Publication Information:

I Dare You! by William H. Danforth. Copyright 2009 by Executive Books in the form presented in their publication. Published by Executive Books, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Over-all Rating for Book: Fair